Customized Colourfull Indian Map Tattoo

Colourful India Map Back Tattoo Designs for Men


Each time when client come to us with a special story or a strong message, we realize it‘s a big responsibility for us to put that thought into a form of body art. We know the customized tattoo design we create, are going to be carried with them forever. Hence we bring our best team members to connect and give life to their ideas.

Here’s a story from one of our client from China.This is her second tattoo with us and we were quite surprised when she came up with an idea of inking map of India , We knew there has to be powerful story behind this whole idea and we need to create an attractive yet meaningful tattoo design for her . Archana Nakhua Bhanushali ,one of the best tattoo artist in India and the Owner/artist at Ace Tattooz took this as a challenge and designed this amazing piece of art. As an Indian it gives us immense pleasure and makes us feel proud that we have earned that faith through our work.

Following is the story of all elements in the tattoo which is beautifully articulated by our client

India Map tattoo by ace Tattooz


When I came to India for the fourth time, I wanted to get an Indian map tattooed which I was planning since a year. My initial idea was to draw only the outline of the map and I contacted a tattoo artist from wellington. Unfortunately he was fully booked for the next 3 months and the idea somehow faded with time. But I strongly believe good things happen in their own time. Now I am doing an internship in Mumbai and after discussing with one of India’s best tattoo artist, Archana , I made up my mind of getting this tattoo for my 21st birthday.

So here’s how I would like to describe my soulful memories with this country. The Marijuana on the top is from Manali from where my journey started in India. The story behind the Sikh with red turban and mustache goes like this. One night on November 2014, I was on the bus from Chandigarh to Delhi airport, A man sitting beside me was trying to sexually assault me, his hand was creeping on my thigh, I was screaming and crying, feeling completely helpless. I was the only foreigner in the bus, I slapped the man with angst and he jumped up and hit me. Luckily then this man with a turban stood between us and protected me from him. That night he was the savior sent by God to me.

On September 2015, coming to Mumbai from New Zealand helped me to get over my first heartbreak .I was staying at the Taj Mahal hotel, beside Gateway of India, Eventually I moved on in my life and now I am doing my first internship at the same hotel. This place is very crucial as I made a fresh start from here.

Though I am Chinese,the Purple Elephant inspired me to become a vegetarian,I was in Jaipur and about to take an elephant ride, I saw him stand in a dirty stink corner ,I approached him ,talked to him in Mandarin in a  soft manner while touching his nose and all of sudden he started crying . I saw the small part of concrete floor was darker than others because of his tears, I felt he understood my words completely.I was shocked and touched to see that he has emotions just like us.

The Coconut tree from Goa,the Boat from Backwater Lakes Kochi , the Drums from Kathmandu where I met my first love, the Rickshaw from Delhi, the Tea from Assam, the Mehendi from Lucknow and the Horn are the unique experiences one can only find in India. This customized tattoo portrays my precious memories in the past 2 years while I travelled widely across this country.