Check out our Top 15 best color tattoo designs. Colour Tattoos  is a new style of tattoo art and it is getting remarkable nowadays. People want their tattoo to be more meaningful, colorful, vibrant and unique. Color Tattoos is the new trend which is very much popular among youngsters. Apart from this, every color has its own significance and once it is inked, it describes one’s personality and adds more meaning to it.
Ace Artist Archana Nakhua Bhanushali is one of the Best Color Tattoo Artist in India.
Let us look at our Top 15 Best Color Tattoo designs at Ace Tattooz & Art Studio Mumbai and also take a look at our best Colour Tattoos

Colorful India Map Tattoo

Colourful India Map Back Tattoo Designs for Men

Lord Krishna Tattoo Designed Galaxy Colors


Lord Krishna is a popular Hindu tattoo subject for his beautiful blue appearance, clad in gold and fine fabrics, and his symbol of the Universe’s infinite abundance. Krishna is depicted as the 8th incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. He is the embodiment of love, divine joy & abundance, that destroys all pain, lack and sin. He was born as the 8th child of Devaki, and he was brought up in a cowherds family and loved to play the flute. This Lord Krishna Tattoo design beautifully represents his love towards music and universe.

Shiva Tattoo With Galaxy Color Tattoo

Lord Shiva Tattoos with Third Eye

Third eye is associated with enlightenment, intuition, inner wisdom, clairvoyance, and for all you yoginis – the sixth chakra. Hinduism feature the third eye as a dot in the middle of the brow. Ace Tattooz and Art Studio does customization as per client’s requirement and hence came up with this beautiful concept of Third Eye Colour Tattoo to represent your inner brilliance. Colorful Lord Shiva Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Simba Dog Portrait Tattoo

Best Color Tattoos with Simba Dog Portrait

Colorful Simba Dog Portrait Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Awarded Small Eye Colour Tattoo

Best Color Tattoos

Colorful Simba Awarded Small Eye Colour Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Awarded Big Colour Tattoo

Awarded Big Colour Tattoo

Awarded Big Colour Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India. This is from one of our beautiful Back Tattoos collection.

Makup Colour Tattoo

Makeup Color Tattoo

The best Beauty-Inspired Tattoo. Makeup Colour Tattoo, from Arm Tattoos collection, by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Mario Award Winning Colour Tattoo

Best Leg Tattoo Designs Ever with Super Mario

Mario is one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. Gamers all across the world hold a special place for it in their heart. Mario has a huge fandom over the world and it sure is the name that comes to one’s mind when someone says “video games”. Nothing can beat those days when you spent all your time arguing over who will play Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong or Toad in the video game series Super Mario Bros which was created by Nintendo. It is no wonder that we try to bring back those memories by getting Mario tattoos. Check out in Color Tattooscollection, by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India. It is one of the best colorful tattoos for guys.

Colourful Lotus Tattoo

Best Color Tattoos with Lotus

Lotus Flower Tattoos designs are widely preferred by tattoo lovers all around the world. Popular amongst both, men and women, lotus design is not only revered for its beauty but also reflects a deeper spiritual meaning. The flower grows in muddy water, yet symbolizes purity and harmony. It is a multi-color tattoo which holds a deeper meaning as it comprises of all the three primary lotus colors i.e. white, pink and blue. It holds a mystical view of the realm of spirituality. It is said that a lotus shares an emotional and vibrational bond with Lord Buddha himself. As a tattoo design too, lotus stands for the same attributes in human nature and depicts the thoughts and attitude of the bearer. This is beautiful Lotus Color Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Colourful Peacock Feather

Best Color Tattoos with Peacock Feather

Peacocks represent more than just beautiful little birds. They embody glory, vanity, beauty, spirituality, renewal and spiritual awakening, immortality, refinement, purity (White Peacock). Peacock is the national bird of India as it is a symbol of serenity. It is said that a peacock defends mankind from evil spirits. The bird is a sign of resurrection and God’s grace and also signifies compassion. From Bird Tattoos Collection this is a beautiful Lotus Color Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Colour Heartbeat Tattoo

Best Color Tattoos

Minion Small Colour Tattoo

Best Leg Tattoo Designs Ever with Minion

These adorable and funny creatures were introduced in the movie “Despicable Me” from Universal Pictures. They gained so much popularity, that the creators couldn’t help but create a spin-off based on them. They hold a very special place in our hearts. Wonderful minion tattoo in action – Minions created a lot of buzz around the world. These adorable creatures captured hearts of children as well as adults. The above tattoo looks amazing and it is something that most youngsters would envy for. This is a minion portraying as one of the most awesome marvel comic characters i.e. Wolverine. From Color Tattoos collection this is a beautiful Small Minion Tattoo by Ace Tattooz, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, India.

Mother Daughter Love Tattoo

Mother Daughter Love Best Color Tattoos

Mothers and Daughters go through a lot with one another. A mother is always there for her daughter, even in the darkest hours. Her compassion for her child never fades away. The relationship is eternal and pure, and nothing in this world can hinder it. They share an unbreakable bond, an understanding of each other like no one else ever could. They are each other’s best friends and confidants. This Colorful Tattoo is describing the Mother-Daughter love and thus becomes the perfect way to honor that relationship. This could be, without a doubt, one of the best colorful tattoos for females.

Wanderlust Colour Tattoo

Best Color Tattoos

Ace Tattooz is a firm believer that tattoos should represent what you stand for and believe in. That is precisely the reason why We’ve suggested Wanderlust colour tattoo to our client after knowing her. “Wanderlust is a strong desire or urge to wander, travel and explore the world”. This is the best colour tattoo for the ones who know that travelling around the world is their passion. The hot air balloon depicts that the whole vivid world can be traversed by air. This work here is one of the most beautiful colourful tattoo designs.

Colour Lion Tattoo

Colorful Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Tattoo, is one of the most popular among animal tattoos. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. These tattoos are eternally liked by men, who take it as a symbol of leadership and masculinity. t is an abstract imagery of a lion with the watercolor being used to color the mane of the lion and grayscale has been used to color the face, giving it a more vivid yet gritty appearance. This tattoo is a perfect example of the mysticism that is present in the lion; as a spirit animal and thus gets marked as one of the best lion tattoos on arm in our collection. This qualifies as one of the best colorful tattoos for females.

Anchor Colour Tattoo

Best Small Tattoo Designs

Anchor is a Roman symbol that indicates anchored personality that does not waver no matter how stormy the sea is. These Color Tattoos are usually designed in black & blue color.