The First image in the picture is been done in Singapore by the Client some 5 years back, it has faded off, the client 1st wanted to touch the tattoo up & make it look new & fresh,
He is a Strong believer of Lord Shiva. We had this image of Lord Shiva which we found online & decided to do it above the tattoo. It took us nearly 8 hours to complete the Tattoo of Lord Shiva & the client was really blown away by the experience & the tattoo.

He also wanted the old tattoo to be redone & make it look fresh on the same day, we asked him to wait for a day, so we could design some new design adding on to the old tattoo rather than having the same old design. Our client immediately agreed.

After a day of brain storming on the design, our very talented & awarded Best female tattoo artist
India Archana Bhanushali, did a free hand sketch of a Shiv Ling on the old tribal design & it turned out to be amazing, but as a mythological concept we can’t have a Shiva sitting on the ling & both representing
the same meaning as well, so again after some more thinking , we had the Bull of shiva ( Nandi Bail) on
the old tattoo. The swastika is kept as it is on the forehead to enhance it..
Hope you like it.. if you have an old tattoo & you want to cover it up, let us know, we will customize some crazy design and cover it up. See u soon at Ace Tattooz Colaba or Ace Tattooz Ghatkopar