Lord Shiva is commonly thought of as the God of destruction, one Divinity among a divine trinity, along with Brahma, Lord of Creation, and Vishnu, Lord of Preservation. This theological perspective, especially espoused in Smarta Hinduism, is based in the Puranas, Hindu folk narratives containing ethical and cosmological teachings about Gods, man and the world.
This mandala represents the enclosing walls or fence of the zonule of a practitioner.
The circle is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness. Given these meanings, it’s no wonder mandalas are such important symbols in all cultures.
Mandalas are incredibly versatile and can personify any number of meanings
Combination of both Lord Shiva Tattoo and Mandala Tattoo in one Tattoo is an idea we gave the client which he loved.

Artist: Archana Bhanushali
Size: 7 by 4 inches approx.