Shiva is ‘SHAKTI’ or ‘POWER’. Lord Shiva is also considered to be the most unique of all Hindu gods and also the God of all. Shiva is often shown with many faces, as creator, destroyer and preserver in total command of the cosmos. He contains both good and evil. The main iconographical attributes of Shiva are the third eye on his forehead, the snake Vasuki around his neck, the crescent moon adorning, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, the Trishula as his weapon and the Damaru as his musical instrument. He blesses his followers with grace, knowledge and peace. He is both, the void and the matter. He is the entire Universe absorbed in human form. It is said that Lord Shiva is the easiest of all deities to pacify. If his true devotees worship him with true devotions and belief, then he rewards them with His blessings, and selflessly frees them from their worries. Shiva is the most favored and as the god of yogis too. So there are millions of people who worship lord Shiva very truly. We have handled various clients who are ardent follower of Lord Shiva Tattoos and want to engrave His sketch on their body. We satisfy their wants as we excel at designing the best Lord Shiva tattoos. A Lord Shiva tattoo could have a deeper meaning such as divinity, purity, power and mysticism. Many of our clients opt for different trishul tattoo designs as they signify desire, will and love; while some opt for angry lord shiva tattoos designs of Shiva dancing. One can be really creative with our lord Shiva tattoos, like expressing all the qualities of Shiva. Our tattoo artists feel enlightened when they create new and unique lord Shiva tattoos designs. Take a look at our long list of Lord Shiva Tattoo gallery. Click here to check Top12 Best Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs

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