What a way to wish your Valentine a Happy valentine’s day.
Birds are intimate friends of human being. Different birds carry different messages. That’s why bird tattoos are loved by many people with different preferences.
Bird Arm tattoos are one of the oldest and loved tattoo designs, because of the tattoo meanings and the beauty that the tattoo idea brings with it
Birds are considered as powerful metaphors and indication of human emotions and phases of human life. For this purpose, birds are the best choice made by the world for representing a wide array of numerous human moods and emotions, with almost every country and its culture giving birds as the central position on most of their myths and stories.
Lovebirds are active, cheerful and beautifully decorative.
Lovebirds also won’t easily switch loyalties from one companion to another, whether it is to another bird or to another human.
On the other hand, unless they are very attached to their keeper, lovebirds are not going to learn a lot of tricks or necessarily want to have a lot of handling.
If you simply want to enjoy the antics and chatter of these colorful little birds, get two to keep in an indoor cage

Artist: Aditya Panchu
Size: 2 by 2 inches
Placement: Wrist