History of mandala traces back to the ancient areas as a symbol pf spiritual aspect by the religious. Origin of word Mandala is found in Sanskrit language meaning “CIRCLE”. Mandala reflects wholeness. Other alliance with circle embraces eternity, stability & flawlessness. Since ancient times they are associated with different religions and are considered sacred.

The mandala came into existence in western society by the psychologist Carl Jung, a student and colleague of Sigmund Freud. The first mandalas the Jung discovered were those crafted by himself and related them himself to certain spiritual images of Hindus and Buddhists. 


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    Involuntarily Universe, consciousness & self reconcile into one single mandala art. Intricate patterns and scribbling are confined into one circle with some value and specific meaning that differs as per religions, caste, sects and even media by which they are molded. 

    Best mandala tattoo designs meaning as per following religions,

    • Hinduism- Mandala designs are found embedded in a room meant for prayer and medications. Intricate mandala designs on temples resemble focus.

    • Buddhism- Special place for mandala is reserved by Buddhists in their meditations and rituals. The analogy of the balance of body and mind aligning with beliefs and practices. It symbolizes the relationship of human life to eternity.

    • Christianity- They believe that mandala has a close relation to divinity and divinity is the source of all truths in the world. There is nothing bigger than the absolute truth only known to heavenly father. They use mandala designs in rose windows of Churches to represent prime matters in religions.

    Although being an ancient and religious art many people are mesmerized with these beautifully crafted designs that they have started inking the best mandala tattoo designs on their bodies.

    There are best mandala tattoo designs representing the Sun, the Stars and even the Universe. According to some old myths, people with celestial blessings can only embed the best mandala tattoo designs. There is nothing wrong with the belief but you should appraise mandala as art and treasure it.

    Best mandala tattoo designs basically consist of geometric shapes displaying circles more than triangles and squares. The reason for this is the mellifluent mingling of geometric shapes to give out a single pattern. Inking the best mandala tattoo designs by experts likes us will prove to be a great idea, especially for the lover of ancient flairs.

    Best mandala tattoo designs consist of unique shapes and symbols radiating towards outward in circular illustrations from the center.

    Different types of best mandala tattoo design.

     Flower Mandala tattoo

    Beautiful and most common design that turns out to be a total masterpiece. Perfect for women, young and old and alike. This best mandala tattoo design symbolizes blossomed life and success.

    Tribal Mandala tattoo

    This mandala art form is gaining popularity over the world. The crowd that is a fan of punk rock music and hardcore metal often get inspired to get tribal Mandala inked.  

    Rose windows Mandala tattoo

    Religiously advocated people opts for rose window mandala craft inspired by famous glass windows of Church and Cathedrals. When achieved with multi-color ink it comes out as a wonderful piece of art. Bright colors give an alluring look to the design. As this form of tattoo consumes hours to get completes you need to be patient. But with Ace tattoos skills, it will be worth your time.

    Triangle Mandala tattoo

    It is a mixture of triangles and circle centerpiece being the main element. The centerpiece is a 6 sided star created with two triangles. It resembles the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit thus associated with Catholics’ trinity. It is the most meaningful design for certain people as they believe that start holds the key to the ultimate purpose of life.

    People like to frame best mandala tattoo design to express their credence in the connection between all the things that the universe amazes us. 

    Folks amidst both male & female, best mandala tattoo designs can be exclusively customized only if you find skilled and experienced artists who are specialized in conniving best mandala tattoo designs

    Mandala art carries some value & contains spiritual beliefs, so you should do your research about your tattoo artists as you don’t want this stunning masterpiece to be only get ruined by some amateur artists hence leaving you no option but to get a cover-up tattoo. 

    Below are the some best mandala tattoo designs etched by our skilled, experienced and professional team.