The best thing about Hinduism is that you can believe in whatever you want – you can even be an atheist!
Lord Shiva is considered to be Lord Rudra of Rig Veda but Lord Shiva is also referred to as Rudra, probably different from Rudra from Rig Veda, in different texts due to his aggressive qualities. Vedic Literature shows that the Rudraksa Bead was Created from the Tears of Rudra, who was the fierce avatar of Lord Shiva. In general, Shiva and Rudra are considered to be same.Shiv means pure energy or divinity and so the shiv ling is symbol of pure energy.One of the manifestation of Lord Shiva in Tattoo form is what we tried to create in this Tattoo waiting for the war to Start, is what the Client Had in his mind, so this is what we inked.

Artist: Archana Bhanushali
Placement: Arm

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