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10 Adorable Tattoo Designs Perfect for Couples on Valentine’s Day

The celebration of love is nearing with Valentine’s Day coming up. It is time you and your significant other get together for cute tattoos! That time of the year is approaching when people find new ways to express their love towards each other. So you should be looking for the best tattoo shop in India. Numerous gift choices are available to make your particular someone feel ‘extra special.’ from the top tattoo artists in India.

Aside from roses and chocolates, you can wear your heart on your sleeves with a permanent tattoo. Couple tattoos are prevalent, especially around Valentine’s Day. And if you want to get matching tattoos, Ace Tattooz has some suggestions. To add to tattoos couples are also likely to get piercings.

Fruit Tattoos

Cute fruit tattoos created by the best tattoo artists are the dark horse of Valentine’s Day relationship gifts. Ace Tattooz encourages obtaining exotic fruit tattoos, which are undeniably charming. And fruits go with every theme out there! You just cannot go wrong with small adorable apples or cherries. So if you or your Valentine likes or is into fruits, consider getting matching tattoos this love season.

Key and Lock Tattoos

The key to someone’s lock is a very famous love symbol. It is the belief that you both open each other’s hearts and are ideally suited to each other. While the concept is ubiquitous, the designs for these symbols are unlimited. Our clients confessed that we undeniably have done some of the best Key and Lock Tattoos.

Name Tattoos

Keep it simple and to the point. Name tattoos are unquestionably popular. Don’t let the intricate and body-covering tattoos deter you from getting your loved one’s name tattooed. What matters is the name! Using the most beautiful fonts and styles will help you get the look you desire. You can look for the best tattoo studio in Mumbai for these designs but Ace Tattooz is where you will find your right design.

Ring Tattoos

Rings are another way for people to demonstrate their love and affection. Getting ring tattoos is one of the most unique Valentine’s Day activities. Ring tattoos with dates under the rings are also available. It’s not every day that you get a tattoo, so why not try something new?

String Tattoos

Strings represent unbreakable bonds, solidarity, and strength. Getting matching string tattoos cannot be a perfect sign of your love. The strings linked to your finger, in particular, are adorable and meaningful.

Gender Tattoos

These tattoos can range from the most adorable to the most badass a couple can acquire. The most renowned “Queen & King” tattoo is one of the best sorts of Valentine’s Day tattoos.

Minimalistic Tattoos

It’s rare for people or couples to want something extravagant, flashy, obvious, or bold. Minimalistic tattoos are the greatest options for such a private and simple pair, little tattoos to define a large amount of love you feel. It is one of the nicest and most subtle ways to express your feelings for him or her.

Identical Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the things couples look for to remind them of each other, aside from hobbies, music notes, and objects that connect them. As a result, it is one motivation to acquire a matching tattoo. We also have female tattoo artists in Mumbai who are impeccable at their jobs especially in making identical tattoos.

Love Bird Tattoos

Birds are frequently used as love symbols. They’re cute, they fly, and they sing. There are also lovebirds, which is a great gift from the cosmos.

Beauty & the Beast

Disney presents numerous romance stories, and one of their most popular is Beauty and the Beast. It is so popular that many people have proposed at Disney World’s Beast’s Castle. Others choose the Beauty and the Beast theme music for their wedding first dance.

Tattoos have been a symbol of love and peace throughout the human existence and to compliment them are some astonishing piercing ideas like navel piercing in India have also been a trend for valentines from past few years.


Archana Nakhua Bhanushali – The Best Female Tattoo Artist in Mumbai India is a very well-known name in the tattoo industry, and has a Diploma in Commercial Arts. She started tattooing as a hobby and gradually took it up as a profession. She has bagged many awards nationally and internationally. She is best known for customizing designs and inking realistic, portrait tattoos. She believes every tattoo has a story to tell and she loves to narrate that story through inking those tattoos. She is one of the Best Female Tattoo Artist in Mumbai, India.