Buddha Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world Lord Buddha

There are so many religions and cultures around the world, in which buddhism is one of the most common and colorful religion, it is so much popular and in tradition also and there are so many followers of gautama buddha in the present world. Buddha tattoo designs is one of the popular image in the tattoo world today because it reminds the wearer that this is not the end, and to take a deep breath, focus, and carry on in peace.

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    For you to know, there are a lot many other additions in buddha tattoo designs that actually say specific things.  

    Sometimes the colors of your buddha tattoo designs define what your tattoo means to say- they are mostly related to Buddhism itself. A lot of Buddha Tattoo designs are in different colours like blue as a primary or secondary colour since blue colour symbolizes trust, faith, and intelligence and it produces a calming effect to human metabolism. Buddha Tattoo designs are also to be found in Green and Yellow colours from which green signifies to love towards nature and always makes us aware to protect necessary things like protecting our nature, yellow which is the colour of sacrifice and desirelessness in materialistic things.  

    Buddha tattoo designs are not only associated with art, but also to religion. One of the religions that are closely associated with the art of tattooing is Buddhism, an ancient belief that has its roots in countries and cultures around the world. Religion is based on the principles and teachings established by the Buddha, the religious leader of Buddhism. Buddha tattoo designs are to replicate the teachings of this great spiritual leader and mentor. Buddha tattoo designs are not necessarily used only by followers of Buddhism, but also by a large number of people who believe in the ultimate truth of life, that one must overcome all the sufferings and temptations of life to reach the level of salvation or nirvana, buddha tattoo designs are considered sacred and must be tattooed after a great deal of reflection and careful selection of the design as they represent one’s belief rather than the beauty and aesthetics linked to the tattoo. 

    Getting a buddha tattoo designs is not only about religion that you follow- but it is about words and knowledge you heed on, and also, you could signify yourself with a buddha tattoo designs, revealing the world that you live to be truthful- just like Gautam Buddha did and also about meanings, Gautam Buddha had every good qualities that human beings have to possess, and when you actually have a buddha tattoo design, you will automatically represent various things like morality, intelligence, pureness, etc.  

    There are a diverse buddha tattoo design available these days that portray contrasting meaning to people like, tattooing a “Simple Buddha Face” which could be a smiling buddha tattoo designs with lord buddha looking at you with his wise and lovable eyes, “Meditating tattoo” design depicts meditation in a relaxed mood which could guide us to make all our decisions wisely with a lot of thoughts, Laughing buddha tattoo design symbolizes god of happiness and prosperity. We are also one of the best semi permanent makeup training academy in mumbai