Couple Tattoo


Generally Clients Come to write their Spouses name, each time we try to do something unique with each & every tattoo.This is a great way to show devotion to you partner AND EVEN A BETTER WAY TO REMEMBER THEIR BIRTHDAY.

It seems that every big phase of romance is sealed with a kiss. Why not commemorate your life together with something a little more lasting? For a love that’s sure to last, why not say so with something permanent? These tattoos are romantic, classy and downright cute! Perfect for those planning to spend forever together!

For the couple that feels they’re absolutely made for each other, this is a beautiful symbol. This is such a cute way to tell your partner that you love them and that their kiss means so much to you.

The Magical moment when u get kissed by from your Mate is the thing captured in this tattoo, by adding his wife’s name , that’s what takes the relationship to All together a new level.

Artist: Archana Nakhua Bhanushali
Size: 4.5” by 2” inches Approx
Placement: Forearm