Things lasting forever is a total myth even the ones termed permanent since ancient times, best example will be a tattoo. Tattoo removal is now easy with multiple laser treatments. But it can be costly and painful. So how to get rid of the jumbled (messed up) tattoos? The alternative would be thoughtfully crafted cover-up tattoo designs. But covering up a messed up tattoo is a whacking and risky job which requires the highly trained, professional and expert artist to design it smoothly. If done by inexperienced then you will end up getting an expensive and painful laser treatment and trust our results may not be in your favour. But you don’t have to worry, Ace tattooz will bail you out with the best cover-up tattoos. Since we are highly qualified and experienced in the world of tattoos.


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    · Amateur artist who messed up your tattoo idea

        A tattoo that doesn’t match your expectations can be disheartening and accepting it would be like a hard shell to snap. With an amazing cover up tattoo designs, you can get rid of the unattractive tattoo that is etched into your skin.

    · Breakup which made you regret inking partners memory

        This reason don’t need an explanation reason being why would anyone like to flaunt their non-existent and buried love towards their ex?

    ·  Bored as you got inked on impulse without much thought

        There should be some emotions or obsession behind inking. So impulsive tattoo may let you regret it later and thus you will need to mask it with meaningful cover-up tattoo designs.

    ·  Because it was trendy once and now out of style

        Tattoos evolve and change. Something that is trending now may go out of style in a short span of time. So in order to match with trends, one may want to modify their original tattoo with the latest cover-up tattoo designs.

    Cover-up tattoos are the most demanding and tedious job. Let us tailor something to disguise your original tattoo with cover-up tattoo designs and rationalise your efforts. It is something that needs you to have immense patience and faith in your artist.


    As a tattoo artist we have to consider the ink of the original tattoo and how it will mingle with the new one. We work out the strategy of deciding new designs and colours to mask your unwanted tattoo with our unique cover-up tattoo designs.

    ·        Traditionally black is the standard colour which we use in cover up tattoos.

    · In case of camouflage, hues of magenta, brown, green, blue and orange colours are used to give a   pleasing cover-up tattoo design.

    ·         Darker tint of the same colour is the easiest way to disguise your tattoo.

    ·         Fusion of new ink with the old one will create a brand new colour which is bound to enhance your cover up tattoo designs.

    ·         We tend to play and experiment with colours to make our clients awestruck with the outcome.

    ·         Professionally experienced can easily convert red to brown and blends pink amazingly with magenta.

    ·         Blue brews with purple and yellow turn to green and the list go on….

     Let’s dive into the following list of beautiful cover-up tattoo ideas and can also have a look at Shiva Tattoos.