septum piercing

Is Septum piercing safe?

Body piercings have been in “trend” for centuries. As piercings evolved and the fashion around them evolved, the jewellery used for piercings became a mode of self-expression. Today, from artists and businesswomen like Rihanna to supermodels like Gigi Hadid, there is a major influence of the septum piercing in the contemporary age. Looking at the way the fashion world has truly embraced it, the septum piercing is here to stay.

Septum piercing

There is also an importance of septum piercing in many cultures, in Chinese culture it is believed that septum piercing is a powerful acupuncture point and doing septum piercing can actually open up the energy flow of the body. It is also believed in Hindu astrology that septum piercing can dissolve the ill effects of planet mercury hence septum piercing has been around the world since ages some times as a part of cultures and sometimes as a part of fashion.

We understand that you would like to get a septum piercing too but have valid concerns. What about the safety of indulging in an activity that requires you to make a small piercing in your body? What is the healing time? What about the aftercare? Such questions can always arise with these procedures.

what is septum Piercing?

Let us first understand what a septum piercing is. The septum, located in the bottommost part of your nose is the cartilage between your two nostrils. During the piercing process, the thin fleshy part that exists right in front of the septum is pierced with the help of a needle. After which, the desired piece of jewellery is pushed through the pierced hole. The jewellery can range from a ring or a horseshoe and in some cases a bar-shaped ornament. Another common name is a bull nose piercing for a hoop-shaped ornament.

The process can be uncomfortable and a little painful, but if done in the right way by experienced hands, you will be safe as the professional will ensure it hits the sweet spot efficiently. The piercing is never done through the cartilage- the best comparison for this is how one gets the side of the nose pierced.

Septum piercings heal in a few stages. The first few weeks are the most tender and painful parts of the healing process. Usually, to be considered fully healed, it is required to give your piercing 6 – 8 months. In order to change the jewelry, you need to give the piercing at least 6-8 weeks to heal well. However, you should leave it in as long as you can to avoid infections caused by a wound that is not healed.

Therefore, is septum piercing safe? If you take the help of an experienced professional, you

greatly lower your risks. Plus, if you do the properly advised aftercare like washing your hands

before touching it to avoid infections and using the right soft solutions to clean it, you should be

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