Geometrical tattoo designs have been around since ancient times, and today many of these symbols live on. These designs, based on basic mathematical patterns, display the shapes concealed in nature-like the triangle in the face of a fox, or the rectangle in the trunk of a tree. Several of the oldest geometrical designs have links to religious or philosophical traditions, reflecting what was considered to be ‘sacred.’ Some include repeated lines displaying perfect harmony and symmetry.

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    Not only do geometric tattoos look amazing but they can also illustrate sacred geometric symbols with deeper hidden meanings. Geometrical tattoo designs have been around since ancient times, and today many of these symbols live on. Usually, it has one design that is repeated throughout the tattoo, with a precise and detailed continuous pattern. Geometric shapes are usually formed with various sides and can be described by mathematics.

    Geometrical tattoo designs are growing slowly and beginning to gain popularity among tattoo lovers. The abstract designs, zig-zag lines and symbols all come together to create a beautiful, uber-cool design. Those tattoos in any shape can be about something. Geometrical tattoo design is generally created with black ink to deliver the best results, but if that’s what you prefer, you can also choose colors. They look so beautiful that maybe you will never regret them. They ‘re slowly taking over the world of tattoo arts, and if you’re a fan as well, then you have to look at some of these cool tattoo designs, you’ll just find the right inspiration.

    A geometrical tattoo design, besides being a cool design, also holds symbolic significance. A single geometric figure may symbolize life, the sky, etc. A person may use different, unrelated shapes or figures that may seem meaningless to others, but hold for him a sacred meaning. Getting a tattoo is also a personal symbol that can not be hidden.

    In almost every part of nature, you’ll find geometry evident. When you look closely, you can see how much nature revolves around geometry and patterns, think about it when you look at a snowflake or a pine cone next time. If you are interested in getting a tattoo that has a deeper meaning than just looking good, we advise you to look into the symbolism behind some geometric tattoos. The geometrical tattoo designs may be one of the oldest known patterns to use and have deep origins and meaning in: faith, spirituality, and beliefs.


    Sacred geometry tattoos are not just symbolic, they are also sacred and religious as we have already mentioned. Most geometric patterns are attached to differing meanings. Take, for example:

    · A Tetrahedron Symbolizes Fire

    · A Cube Stands for the Earth

    · An Icosahedron Stands for Water

    · An Octaedron Stands for Air

    · A Dodecaedron Stands for Spirit

    Many people think tattoos like that can bring you health and healing. People say these inked symbols on your body can help balance out and bring harmony to your wellbeing. These tattoo designs are commonly used as amulets from the body. Geometrical tattoo designs hold magical powers that are effective in promoting healing according to many cultural beliefs.

    Popular Tattoo Designs with Sacred Geometry

    Mandala: Mandala’s are one of the most alluring and popular among the many sacred geometrical tattoo designs. In the context of Buddhism, it’s a way to sharpen your focus. The Mandala ‘s floral or geometric architecture draws your attention into the middle and helps you practice your meditation. While originally used for meditation and religious art purposes, Mandala’s have become increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

    La fleur de vie ( The flower of life): The flower of life are a jump-off point for artists to create complex patterns. This design was originally and commonly used throughout the world to create architecture and geometric and ornamental artwork.

    Wolf Tattoo:The wolf is the most popular amongst all animal geometrical tattoo designs due to its rich symbolic meaning. A wolf pack is traditionally led by the alpha wolf, who is assumed to defend the pack when on the move from the back. That wolf’s characteristic makes it a symbol of leadership and protection. It also holds a profound significance for people who have lost someone in life. Wolves symbolize wildness along with resilience and a sense of survival. Free-minded people can also sport a wolf tattoo to demonstrate their freedom.

    Many tattoo artists feel that tattoos of sacred geometry are designs and styles that should be studied thoroughly and in-depth. Although at the moment these designs are trendy, tattoo artists warn that people who want these designs should do their homework, and have a strong idea of what they want and why. These types of tattoos should really have a special meaning for the person who gets them. We are also one of the best semi permanent makeup training academy in mumbai

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