How to Take Care of Your Tattoo during Summer Season

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo during Summer Season

It’s really important to take care of your tattoo during the summer season. With the weather being sunny
and the temperature being really in the summer it’s important to take proper care of your tattoo. Tattoos
are bond to fade over time, but sun exposure and lack of skin care during the summer season can
accelerate fading. You guys didn’t go through all the pain just for the tattoo to fade away. Just like your car
and bike needs maintenance and servicing the same thing applies to your tattoo you need to take proper
care of your tattoo, the do’s and don’ts and the proper maintenance that’s required these things should be
taken seriously more importantly during the summer season. Summers can be brutal on your tattoo but
there are various precautions that can be taken during the summer season. If you’ve got a freshly inked
tattoo then it’s recommended to really provide going out during summer.
Here are some of the ways that’ll help you can take care of your tattoo during the summer season

Keep it covered
This is one of the simplest and the easiest way. The best way to limit sun exposure is to wear clothes that
cover your tattoo. Least the exposure to the sun better it is for the tattoo. Even if you don’t have clothes to
cover the tattoo use some way or the other to cover the tattoo so that you can keep them out of the direct

Moisturize it
To keep your skin soft and supple you should regularly moisturize it. It’s recommended you moisturize it
regularly during the summer season.

H20 is also an option during the summers. As its really hot during summers it is really important to stay
hydrated during summers. Hydration with good moisturizing can really help your tattoo during summers and
prevent it from fading.

SPF sunscreen
To keep your skin safe from UV rays, it’s recommended that you apply sunscreen before you go out into the
sun. Apply SPF 30 or higher sunblock on your entire tattoo before you go out during the summer.

Healthy Food and Drinks
With hydration it is really important for you to eat healthy food that help you fight UV rays. There are certain
food that helps you accelerate tattoo healing. It’s advised that you eat water-heavy food but mainly fruits
and vegetables, fruits like watermelon and muskmelon are highly recommended.

Let it heal (new tattoo during summer)
You just got inked during the summer and you wanted to show it off, just because of it being the summer
the season you should wait for at least 10-20 days before you let it get in contact with direct sunlight.

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