Lord Krishna is universally the most loved and followed Hindu deity. He is the central figure of the Holy Book, Bhagavad Gita. His fables are mystical and very inspiring. Lord Shree Krishna is the 8th and the last avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is the God of tenderness, compassion, and love. He is known by many different names and most of them are taken from Vishnu Sahasranam. In Sanskrit Krishna means “the attractive one” and it also means “the color Dark Blue”. Lord Krishna lived for over 120 years due to his mystical powers which would connect him with the universe. He possessed all the qualities that would separate him from the humans. Lord Krishna believed that peace of mind is the greatest asset a person can have and not wealth and respect, his teachings were directed to his devotees and ensured that they feel enlightened and achieve that heightened state of consciousness. With Krishna’s heightened consciousness, it is believed that he is moderating the universe and brings peace to the people and all other life forms. A lord Krishna tattoo design symbolizes love, life, and death. The clients who like to get a Lord Krishna tattoo design become so satisfied due to the fact that the entire design looks so divine. Lord Krishna tattoo design holds a deeper meaning than just a tattoo or ink. In a lot of Lord Krishna tattoo design, his face and body are colored blue for the same reason. Many people get Lord Krishna and Radha tattooed together which symbolizes everlasting love. A lord Krishna tattoo also represents enlightenment and devotion towards Hinduism. We have a wide variety of lord Krishna tattoo design. Extention of the National emblem of India with Vishnu & Krishna Sleeve along with Verses from Bhagwat Geeta by Archana Nakhua Bhanushali at ACE Tattooz & Art Studio INDIA original reference of the image brought by the client. Take a quick look at our Lord Krishna tattoo gallery.
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