Childbirth is an exuberant and blissful time for the expectant as with it comes great responsibility, and rightfully so the question of “Is it safe to get inked when pregnant?”
Generally, it’s something that most women steer clear of when they know of their pregnancy, as it’s seen as very risky and the fear is hard to subdue. There is no definite answer to it since it doesn’t fall into a single section. It falls in the middle of the spectrum between Safe and Risky, because of insufficient research.

So, for those who are curious, is it safe to get inked when pregnant, going under the needle while you’re expecting, is a decision that requires some careful consideration.

Is it Safe to Get Inked When Pregnant


Risks Related To Getting Inked When Pregnant:

Allergic reactions and infection are common side effects of getting inked.
In certain cases the ink had been contaminated with bacteria and allergens, or inked with a dirty needle, risking blood-borne infections.
One should consider their pain threshold, as getting a tattoo isn’t a piece of cake— it can be uncomfortable and painful, depending on where it’s placed.
Some research suggests that the ink might metabolize making its way towards the lymph nodes, or depending on the product some may transfer through the placenta. With pregnancy comes major changes in the body, a rapid shift in sensitivity also occurs. Tattoo needles pierce only 1/8th inch of the skin, but some ink contains heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury, which are toxic.

Therefore, if you want to get tattooed, go to a licensed professional where sterile equipment and a license are requisite. Consult with your doctor first. Though most tattoo artists refrain from tattooing pregnant women, make sure to connect with your artist and tell them the whole circumstance, so there is no last-minute issue. You must ask your artist for the contents of the ink, if they contain heavy metal, wait out till the end of your term. You can check out our various tattoo designs for females.

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