Top 10 Things to Take Care of Tattoo on Holi

Top 10 Things to Take Care of Tattoo on Holi

Festivals don’t let us cease to keep going with zeal and passion. Now, it’s time for the vibrant festival awaiting to drench us with colors of bliss and pleasure.

Indeed, its festival of colors – Holi

Even though the zest before Holi, and happiness when finally Holi arrives is extreme, may get deflated after the joyous day if one remains careless regarding your forgotten tattoo even if it is  inked by Ace tattooz or some other artist. Whether your tattoo is old or freshly crafted it is of utmost importance to preserve it and keeping it intact But don’t worry Ace tattooz will make sure to help you keep the tattoo intact.

Initially the beautiful designs of ink that is etched onto your skin may be mesmerizing but eventually without proper care and precautions especially during such sensitive festivals and events it will get difficult to maintain them. So in order to avoid infections and fading,  ace tattooz  artists  will like to impart some knowledge and tips regarding tattoo care on Holi. Here are the top 10 things to take care of tattoo on holi:

  • For fresh tattoo just before Holi – Ace tattooz are sad to tell you to say goodbye to Holi
  1. Harmful and toxic colors damages the skin and may cause serious health issues. So if your tattoo is fresh and new it is a big no to celebrate the frolic festival of Holi as you may get prone to allergic reactions or infections.
  2. Also, it is compulsory to keep your tattoo dry to hamper infections. Obviously Holi means dunking, spraying and drowning in not so clear water so you may have to refrain yourself from playing with water and colors.
  • For the Old tat – Celebrate with precautions as suggested by Ace tattooz
  1. First foremost wrap a cling-film around your artwork to protect it. But some extra care won’t harm. So as Ace tattooz being the experienced in the field have listed below are some other necessary tips.
  2. Before rushing off to celebrate, make sure to slather some unscented and cruelty free moisturizer on your tattoo to retain the hydration and keeping it from getting dry and patchy.
  3. Prevent direct exposure to colors and sun rays by applying recommended cream and lotion by your certified artist or you can ask us-Ace tattooz to recommend some. Doing so will prevent colors from sticking.
  4. If possible neglect using chemically made toxic colors and make use of organic ones. This will guard you from serious skin infection which may cause tattoo losing its color and appearance of white spots on it.
  5. If your Holi is organized as a pool party theme it is important to use sunblock to prevent your tattoo from chlorine.
  6. It is always best to keep the tattooed part of your body covered if possible for minimal damage. Opt for full sleeved tops and full length bottom wear.
  7. Drink water, juices etc. all day and prohibit alcohol intake as dehydrated skin may get dry and sunburn easily.
  8. Lastly, pay your tattoo artist a visit or just pop in Ace tattooz studio and ask for suggestions to keep your tattoo fresh and new, as above tips and tricks usually work for all, but some people have specific skin issues as per their skin type. For further care, according to your skin type, it is recommended to consult your tattoo artist for appropriate guidance.

Now you are ready and stress free to enjoy Holi to the fullest. Do not hold yourself from celebrating colors and inculcate the above top 10 things to take care of tattoo on holi.

Holi greetings by Ace tattooz studio and team.


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