The God of Beginning

Ganesh’s many titles include God from the beginning, as it is at the start of the journey that his guidance and security are sought, whether big or small. Across many ways, Ganesh (also referred to as Ganesha) reflects the plurality of human destiny. Over the last century, Ganesh became increasingly common in the West. This is the Hindu god with the head ELEPHANT called the obstacle remover.

A figure more fitting for overcoming obstacles is hard to believe, since his elephant head came from an early accidental death by his father, Shiva who took the head of a passing elephant and breathed life back into his kid when he realized his mistake.
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    Almost every feature of Ganesha Tattoo has some symbolic content and significance, like many pictures in Hindu or Buddhist art. He may have different arms, but usually, one hand keeps in a shield pose of protection and refuge; the other a sweet food symbolizing the sweetness of the inner being, and the third an elephant’s goad ( a sharp-pointed like instrument ), which leads the individual to a path of justice;  and in the fourth, there is a noose that reflects a worldly desire and connection. The potbelly symbolizes nature’s abundance and Ganesha’s notion of swallowing the earth’s sorrows & defending the universe.

    Ganesha tattoos are just as decorated as their religious artwork (portraits or statues) but they can also be simple blackwork thats why look at our top 12 best ganesh tattoo designs.

    Tattoos were used to remember the dead, decorate them, use them as a rite of passage, harness supernatural powers, declare a community identity, cure the mental/body, and document the events of our lives.

    Once you place Ganesha tattoo in the body, the sound, sense, color, the flow of energy between you and the tattooist and even the qualities of the ink are reflected in you.

    They are, in fact, your personal alchemy.

    Yes, tattoos go beyond the skin deep. Put a tattoo on your body, it is your consciousness a responsive picture and a gateway. If you turn a new leaf into life and focus your life on success, regardless of what you do, a Ganesha tattoo will always remember you.

    One can express their love for Lord Ganesha by getting Lord Ganesha Tattooed. Check out the gallery below and see top 12 examples of well done Lord Ganesh Tattoos done by India’s Best Female Tattoo Artist Archana Bhanushali. In this page, we shall explore the top 12 best ganesh tattoo designs to try this season.