Top 12 Best Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs

Lord Shiva is one of the major deities of Hinduism. he’s the excellent Being within Shaivism, one of the primary traditions within present-day Hinduism. Lord Shiva is the “destroyer of evil and the transformer” within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that consists of Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism culture, Shiva is the ideally suited being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. in the goddess tradition of Hinduism known as Shaktism, the goddess is described as preferred, but Shiva is respected along with Vishnu and Brahma. A goddess is stated to be the electricity and innovative power (Shakti) of every, with Parvati the identical complementary partner of Shiva. he’s one of the five equal deities in Panchayatana puja of the Smarta way of life of Hinduism. in step with the Shaivism sect, the very best shape of Shiva is formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute Brahman, and the primal Atman (soul, self) of the universe. Lord Shiva has many benevolent and fearsome depictions. In benevolent components, he’s depicted as an omniscient Yogi who lives an ascetic existence on Mount Kailash in addition to a householder with wife Parvati and his youngsters, Ganesha and Kartikeya. In his fierce aspects, he has frequently depicted slaying demons. Shiva is likewise called Adiyogi Shiva, appeared as the client god of yoga, meditation, and humanities. The iconographical attributes of Lord Shiva are the serpent around his neck, the decorating crescent moon, the holy river Ganga flowing from his raveled hair, the 1/3 eye on his brow, the trishula as his weapon and the damaru. he’s typically worshipped in the aniconic form of Lingam. Shiva is a pan-Hindu deity, respected widely by means of Hindus, in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Lord Shiva is the primary electricity in all godheads. Shiva is the maximum effective god of the Hindu pantheon. Shiva is also referred to as Mahadeva because of this god of all gods or very best god. He has many names like Nataraja, Pashupati, Bhargava, Vishwanath, Bhole Natha, Shiv Shambhu, Neel Kantha and so forth. Shiva has many faces like he is likewise referred to as author, destroyer, preserver. He carries both precise and evil. Lord Shiva has a third eye on his brow which symbolizes for destruction while its open. He wears a snake whose call is Vasuki-the Nagaraja round his neck, and crescent moon decorating. And the holy river Ganga flows thru his hairs. The trishula is the weapon of Lord Shiva and a damaru as his musical device. As mentioned above, that Shiva is the ultimate strength in among all god. So Shiva is the most preferred and because of the god of yogis too. So there are tens of millions of those who worship Lord Shiva very certainly. People want a design to reflect their nonsecular beliefs, so people appearance out for lord shiva tattoo designs and emblems like om and trishula with the 1/3 eye. So there are such a lot of innovative and exquisite designs, that we accumulate for you men. These are surely cool and splendid shiva tattoos and you could get a superb tattoo idea in your lord shiva tattoo layout. Here a few photographs are displaying thoughts for the Shiva tattoos and some are the tattoos which are already made up on some man’s frame who love Shiva. Check those designs and tattoos and get your shiva tattoo thoughts ideas from here. Click here for more God Tattoo Ideas

Best Lord Shiva Tattoos


Lord Shiva Tattoos

Lord Shiva is ‘shakti’ or power. Lord Shiva is also considered to be the most unique of all Hindu gods and also the God of all. Lord Shiva is often shown with many faces, as creator, destroyer, and preserver in total command of the cosmos. He contains both good and evil. This is a perfect depiction of Lord Shiva wearing his Rudraksha with his Damru and Trishul below his face. Lord Shiva is known as the master of meditation. It is believed that he is the personification of love, mysticism, wrath, and strength. Rudraksha induces power in the body, which fights against diseases hence improving overall health. It increases spiritual power and self-confidence to move in multi-direction of life. Lord Shiva’s Trishul is believed to destroy the physical world and the attachment to the illusionary world which seems so real and vanquishes the ego which is a barrier between him and the people thus changes the perception towards spirituality.



Our beloved client wanted to engrave the tattoo of Lord Shiva with his fun-loving ward, Lord Ganesha on his back which purely depicts the divine relationship between a father and his son. The bond between Lord Shiva and Ganesha is so heart-warming that it destroys negativity and ushers positive energy and peace. One cannot refuse to get a tattoo of this sort. This tattoo is a perfect depiction of Lord Shiva carrying Bal Ganesh on his back while he wields his Trishul to protect Lord Ganesh from the evils or any kind of danger.


Best Lord Shiva Tattoos

This is a vivid color tattoo design of Lord Shiva smiling upon us and projecting his blessings and power to the humanity and other life forms for our greater good. This piece of art is a perfect depiction of Lord Shiva being in his calm and happy state and radiating his joy and positive vibrations. This is could be the best birthday gift from a son to her mother. Thank you for making it so special!


It is an abstract depiction of Lord Shiva in his dancing stance while he wields his Trishul and his snake is attached to his neck. It looks very simple but at the same time holds a deeper meaning and that is, Lord Shiva being enraged and is in his Tandava form, which means he is destroying evil and restoring the balance and bringing in the positive energy and peace. It is one of the best tattoos of Shiva dancing.


This is one of the unique Lord Shiva tattoos on our list of Top 12 Lord Shiva tattoos. This tattoo represents Lord Shiva’s three main iconographical attributes; the Trishul with his Damaru attached, it is the tool which is the harbinger of peace and destroys the evil, the Viper which depicts that fear and death can be controlled by a mere mortal and the Shivlink which is the fusion of Ling, the masculine power and Peethika, the feminine power. When both combined they become the manifested symbol of Lord Shiva. Below these three attributes, the texts say “Jai Bhole” in Sanskrit which means “Hail Lord Shiva”.



A beautiful design made by two of our most talented artists, Paresh Salvi and Aditya Panchu. It is an “Om Namah Shivaya” tattoo script in Devanagari. Om typically means the vibration of the universe, Namah means to bow and Shivaya means Lord Shiva but on a deeper level it means the inner self, so if the combine the three words together, it means “Bow to the inner self/Lord Shiva”. There is also a Swastik symbol being imprinted at the center which basically means “well being”.


Shiva Tiger 3D Tattoo Designs on Hand

This tattoo shows Lord Shiva with his spirit animal, Tiger. It is often seen that Lord Shiva sits on the tiger skin, it clearly depicts that he has fully tamed the beast and dominates over the entire animal kingdom, as Tiger is the strongest of them all.This Lord Shiva tattoo carries a lot of mystery for one of our favorite clients in our tattoo career. His story is really inspiring and we have a lot of respect for him #MajorSaab #IndianArmy He does a lot for our country & Also for the wonderful human been you smile emotion. We thank him for choosing ACE tattooz and having faith in us.
Artist: Archana Nakhua Bhanushali


Shiva 3D Tattoo Designs on Hand

Lord Shiva has his own divine beauty that sets him apart from the other Gods. It is the divine aura which makes him look beautiful, transmit good vibes and fill the hearts of the devotees with love and enlightenment. This Amazing Lord Shiva tattoo was done for dad of my very good friend Mr. Hiren Chandrakant Khaniya, Amazing personality Chanubhai Khaniya. We had to cover this tattoo since we started our 1st Studio in Ghatkopar, but things didn’t work out then. So finally very happy to have covered the old Hanuman tattoo done in Indian Mela when he was young.  He has super blown away with the coverup & so are we. Artist: Archana Nakhua Bhanushali



Lord Shiva is known as one of the most powerful in Religious and God Tattoos. The client wanted to have a unique Shiva in a form where his face should not be seen, A Design which he selected and brought to us and was inked by us with the freehand #lettering, meaning The #one who walks ( basically someone in #human form ) Has power to unite whole world, Poses every possible knowledge of this world, Who himself is warrior With the third eye That’s how people from Indus valley civilization have described Shiva. It signifies the three conscious states i.e. sleeping, dreaming and waking. It is the destroyer of all kinds of suffering. It is widely known as the most powerful weapon when it comes to the Hindu mythology and is the harbinger of peace and kindness.

Artist:- Aditya Panchu
Placement:- Forearm
Size:- 6″ x 4.5″


Lord Shiva Tattoos

The power of Lord Shiva with his belongings, the Trishul, is a weapon which destroys the evil entities and brings positivity and peace to the universe, the Serpent which denotes that fear and death can be defeated by a mere mortal, the Conch which is of great importance in Hinduism and the Tripundra which is a sacred mark of Shaivism and symbolizes purification, rejuvenation and destruction. These three entities symbolize desire, will, and love. It is said that Lord Shiva was born with these three qualities and thus he surpasses the mortals in every way. The client is a Shiva follower wanted something that shows his dedication towards Lord Shiva and was clear about Trishul. Customised by our artist Upen Bhoir
Artist:- Kshitij gurav
Placement:- forearm
size:- 4.5″ x 2.5″ approx



This Lord Shiva Tattoo is a perfect representation of the aggression that Lord Shiva possesses. When Lord Shiva gets angry, he opens his third eye that destroys anything and everything on his way including the life forms. His anger was so fierce that it would shake the whole world. His anger is a transcendental quality which eventually restores the balance and brings peace to the world. It has always been one of our favorite due to various avatars. Lord Shiva’s wrath is so fierce that it is capable of destroying the universe and all the life forms in an instant, and once enraged, he becomes unstoppable and no one holds the power to calm him down. We nominate this work as one of the best angry Shiva tattoo designs. It is done by our New Artist Kshitij whom we welcome to Our ACE TEAM. Hope you guys like it.


Lord Shiva Tattoos with Mandala Trishul

Lord Shiva is commonly thought of as the God of destruction, one Divinity among a divine trinity, along with Brahma, Lord of Creation, and Vishnu, Lord of Preservation. This theological perspective, especially espoused in Smarta Hinduism, is based in the Puranas, Hindu folk narratives containing ethical and cosmological teachings about Gods, man, and the world.
This mandala represents the enclosing walls or fence of the zonule of a practitioner.
The circle is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness. Given these meanings, it’s no wonder mandalas are such important symbols in all cultures.
Mandalas are incredibly versatile and can personify any number of meanings