The art of tattooing has greatly advanced and artists are capable of creating very realistic optical illusions with convincing 3d tattoo designs. The tattoos are mind-blowing as they seem to twist and even bend the wearer’s skin. Tattoos are not just a wonderful body art form but also a cool style statement that people love to flaunt on their body parts. Some get 3d name tattoos designs as a remembrance of somebody dear to them, while some get their life partner’s or alternately kid’s names as 3d name tattoos designs inked to hold them close for all of eternity. The 3d rose tattoo design is especially popular to signify the importance of the meaning it represents. The 3d tattoo on hand simple tattoo of rose is preferred by some. and keeping the tattoo to look as close to real as possible. Keep the font stylish and using italic to style the 3d tattoo to make it look stunning is trending among most. Youngsters are especially crazy about the style quotient offered by tattoos and are always on the hunt for something quirky and charismatic. They want a tattoo that would engage eyeballs in an instant and make them stand out from the crowd. For such seekers, 3D tattoo designs on hand are the best bet. Attractive, trendy and artistic, the three-dimensional tattoos make an instant style statement and also have the power to elicit fear, queries and funny responses from onlookers. Whether you get 3D tattoo designs on hand or decide to go for sleeve 3D tattoos, you can be sure of getting a bewitching badge in the form of body art that will make you the cynosure of all eyes. With it, you can easily impress others and become the talking point in your circle. It is your go-to option if you are looking to give out cool vibes. There are several 3D tattoo designs that you can get your body inked with to create that distinctive look. These designs would suit 3D tattoo designs on hand and also look great as 3D tattoos on leg. Their charm remains undisputed. However, you should be careful about the size of the tattoo and its respective placement. Large size 3D tattoos are best suited for broader and large spots like chest, back, stomach, thighs or shoulder. On the other hand, delicate and small 3D tattoos look best on body parts like hand, wrist, fingers, knuckle, legs, etc. So, here is taking a look at some popular 3D tattoo designs.

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    • Star – Many tattoo lovers especially men like to get the star as 3D tattoos on the forearm or hand or chest. This is because the star can be inked in multiple styles. From the popular nautical star to the trail of little stars to the shooting star to the Pentagon, there is a huge world of 3D tattoo designs to be explored in stars and they also signify a variety of emotions like hope, ambition, protection, direction and much more.

    • Superheroes –3d tattoo designs of your favorite superhero and that too in a realistic form that would freak out others is surely a recipe for rockstar appeal. So, you can get the Joker or Batman or Aquaman or any other superhero for 3d tattoo designs on legs or sleeve 3D tattoos. They would also serve as a tribute to your favorite hero.

    • Bird and butterfly –Wings share a strong connection with 3D tattoos. They look realistic in the three-dimensional format and it feels like they will fly at any moment. So, 3D tattoos on the forearm depicting a hummingbird or sleeve 3d tattoo designs showing an eagle, or 3D tattoos on leg featuring a butterfly, all have an ethereal quality which gets enhanced with the three-dimensional design.

    Apart from these 3D tattoo designs on hand, there are many other themes and images that would look cool as a 3d tattoo designs. You can get any design that you wish inked on your body but what you should focus on is finding a skilled 3D tattoo artist. The three-dimensional tattoo is different from other tattoos and needs special level of expertise. Only someone who has had experience in this genre can do justice to your tattoo. So, do invest some time researching the work of 3D tattoo artists and only when you are fully convinced about the skills and credentials of an artist, go ahead with your tattoo choice. You will surely end up with great results. .  We are also one of the best semi permanent makeup training academy in mumbai. Click here to see Best Color Tattoo Designs