Best Combination Eyebrow Service in Mumbai

At Ace Tattooz we aim to offer one of the best combination eyebrow service in mumbai | India. Combination brows is a semi-permanent tattoo that is a mix between a Powder Brow and a Feather Touch Brow. Basically it’s a microblading and microshading combination. It begins with hair strokes to establish a natural look at the beginning of the brow, blended into a powder brow to get a nice outline at the end.

Our best combination of eyebrow service in mumbai will:

  • Enhance your eyebrows thickness
  • Give more shape to the brows
  • Make your brows color better
  • Rectify minor issues

The shading may be done either manually or with a machine depending on the type of skin and the preference of the individual. This semi-permanent natural brow tattoo lasts from 1 to 3 years, anywhere.

Do You Want the Best Combination Eyebrow Services in Mumbai | India?

Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that uses a handheld device to inject pigment in hairlike strokes.To build the hybrid brows a mix of Microblading and Microshading is used.The secret why our results are so good and consistent is our attention to all the specifics before, during, and after the Combo Brows procedure.

Our best combination eyebrow service in mumbai lasts about 1-3 years anywhere, and lasts a little longer than microblading. Pigment longevity, however, depends on the type of skin a person has. Tattoos may not last as long on oilier skin while they will need to be refreshed less often if you have dry or fair skin.

This form of treatment is viewed as having zero or minimal pain. Each customer faces a different degree of discomfort though. While topical anesthesia is often applied before beginning the procedure which, if you feel any, will reduce the amount of pain.

You may get tingling, itchiness, flaking, redness on or near the tattooed area soon after your treatment, in these cases:

Always follow the advice of the professional,
Avoid radiation from the sun for at least a month,
Avoid vigorous workouts or other other activities that cause excessive sweating,
Stop using lipstick, oils, lotions or any other items for at least a week in the tattooed area;
Eventually, at all stages, you have to be careful, because everybody recovers at various levels. Only be patient and look forward to seeing the great outcomes you had hoped for.

Best combination eyebrow service in mumbai is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that fills the inner eyebrow with hair strokes and powders the brows’ tail. It is basically a microblading and ombre brows combination.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t lucky enough to get blessed with perfect brows cut, but eyebrow tattoos will work that out! Achieving the appearance and feel of the right eyebrow shapes your face. Microblading and Microshading frames and eye enhancements that make you look and feel significantly younger as it gives a polished and natural look to your eyes. This even balances the face and gives an asymmetric feel to it. Ombre eyebrows tattooing is particularly useful to you, whether you have shaky hands or issues with vision. Eyebrow tattooing is perfect for most people from all walks of life who are able to invest in their looks and are always fond of looking fantastic.

If you’re looking for a naturally formed look then this microblading ombre eyebrow and microshading tattoo treatment is the one for you. Owing to the hair strokes which are positioned at the start of the forehead, the eyebrow in this treatment is lighter and wispier on the front.


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