The lips are among the most prominent and noticeable parts of the human face. Here at Ace Tattooz we deliver the Best Lip Correction Treatment in Mumbai. Hyper pigmentation is caused by numerous causes, such as cigarette smoking, stress, medicine and medical conditions. When the hormones change, one major factor may also be due to pregnancy, because the lip pigmentation will also change.

People grow lips of all sizes and shapes but makeup will fix them beautifully. Lips’s corrective makeup is the color of the semi-permanent lip that is made on the dermis that is the skin’s inner layer. Often called derma-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, or micropigmentation, this procedure. The process also involves a few tones and pixeling techniques that will give a faux-natural pigmentation of your lips.

Sometimes because of a lack of oxygen, which is called cyanosis, the lips may also turn blue. The lips may turn white or pale on the face, mouth and sometimes on nails followed by general paleness. The treatment we give at the Best Lip correction treatment in Mumbai that includes the treatment of the underlying condition that causes the lip to get rid of discolouration

Do You Want the Best Lip Correct Treatment in Mumbai | India?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For 1-2 days after the treatment, the lips might swell, or even turn red.
  • You can put an ice pack on your lips if you need to, but place a soft tissue between your lips and the ice pack to prevent direct contact.
  • Salty food should not be ingested, and fluids should be taken with a straw.
  • Only an ointment can be applied to the lips and NO makeup should be applied during the process of healing.
  • Be careful when washing your face, and don’t vigorously rub your lips.
  • Please make sure that the post procedures are properly followed or else you may get a pigment infection.
  • No sores should occur prior to 2 weeks of the procedure. If any has been detected, it has to be checked before the operation.
  • keep your lips regularly moisturized for at least 2 weeks before the procedure is taken. Moisturized lips respond better than dry lips.
  • Avoid drinking beverages, energy drinks and caffeinated drinks on the day of the operation that cause jitters.
  • If you have any history of other medical conditions we recommend you take your doctors medication beforehand to prevent any complications during the operation.

Anybody over the age of 18 will take this medication. It’s for everyone who wants the lips soft, natural, and enhanced. It offers a more bold look. This is highly recommended for those suffering from allergies because of the chemical makeup. It’s mostly for people who have no room in their everyday lives for makeup.

It is a semi-permanent procedure that ensures it will last for a couple of years, and will fade with time. The duration of this treatment depends with age on the skin to the skin, exposure to elements such as sun, skin care products, etc. However, the treatment’s effect may be prolonged by applying sun protection to the area being treated.

Perhaps the treatment is a bit uncomfortable and induces some amount of discomfort. In the treatment, we use anaesthesia to alleviate discomfort and maximize customer comfort. The feedback from the clients is that the therapy is well received and poses no significant problems.

The healing process usually takes about 10–15 days. The lips could feel very dry and chapped. The skin always returns as the hue is lighter. After 2 weeks the actual and perfect result is attained. (please help us with the healing process)

Wearing lipstick, lip gloss and chapstick after 2 weeks of treatment is absolutely fine. Make sure the product tube is brand new. Make sure you don’t add anything before 2 weeks, this can lead to pigment loss.


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