Aditya Angre, a renowned tattoo and piercing artist with a remarkable five-year tenure in the industry. His journey took a unique twist as he transitioned from the world of engineering to becoming a master of the needle, fusing precision and creativity seamlessly.

Aditya’s portfolio boasts a versatility that sets him apart. His mastery extends across an array of designing and tattooing techniques, ensuring that each piece of body art is a manifestation of his client’s individuality. His true passion lies in crafting freehand and conceptual designs, infusing every artwork with a distinctive touch that tells a story.

Beyond tattooing, Aditya is a multifaceted individual. He finds solace in the world of painting, where he explores his artistic boundaries, and revels in the thrill of badminton and swimming.
Aditya Angre’s artistry is not limited to ink; it’s a reflection of a multifaceted individual with an unwavering commitment to the world of aesthetics.


Aditya Angre
Tattoo and Piercing Artist