Eyebrows play a significant role in accentuating and framing the eyes, but sadly not all of us are blessed with perfect brows. Best Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup in Mumbai can improve as well as fix imperfections and defects, such as naturally sparse, incomplete, over-plucked, over-waxed, equally colored or asymmetrical brows, using microblading to produce natural and realistic hair stroke eyebrows, as well as ombré powdered eyebrows and combination eyebrows.

At Ace Tattooz, the best Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup in Mumbai, we are passionate and perfectionist when it comes to making the perfect symmetrical brow, applying the perfect color to match skin tone and hair color, and the technical skills that are important to achieving the eyebrows that you have always desired.

Different Types of Semi-Permanent Eyebrow:

Microblading Brows
This technique at the best semi permanent eyebrow makeup in Mumbai is used to create natural hair strokes with a handheld tool and add the pigment under the skin to form a natural brow.
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    It is an excellent treatment for people who have and suffered hair loss and do not want a ‘made up’ brow which is very clear. This technique is best suited for the people who have dry skin condition.
    Ombré Powder Brows
    Combination Brows

    Do You Want the Best Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup in Mumbai | India?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This semipermanent technique is a response on skin type ( dry or oily ) , skin colour , age , weather and day to day lifestyle. The response to that is that everybody is special, because of the skin normal exfoliation, the pigment fades. Much as the dead skin cells are scattered through the body, so does the pigment attached to the cells. Darker colors are more stable than lighter colours, and therefore tend to last longer. The light colors will always last for at least 15-18 months anywhere, though.

    After the initial scabbing comes off, the color should be about 60 to 70 percent lighter when you first get your eyebrow done at the best semi permanent eyebrow makeup in Mumbai. Knowing the pigment beneath your skin is healing, not on top. Initially, We still air on the side of caution so you can get used to it.

    To get the right shade for you, we tailor your color to your skin tone and hair color. It also will depend on the day to day lifestyle and the age of the customer. This is also addressed with you and checked before any treatment begins.

    NO! The brow hair which is already there is absolutely no need to be removed. Maintaining this brings a more natural aspect to your forehead. The only time any hair can need to be removed is to shape the brow in tiny quantities to get you the best shape possible. You shouldn’t be waxed or threaded right before the treatment because this will open the pores and pigment will get into the pores.


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