Ace Tattooz and Piercing studio are located in the Mumbai city, the capital of Maharashtra, India. It is home to the best tattoo and piercing studio in mumbai. 

Piercing is seen today as one of the most common and recognized trends in fashion. This fashion idea seems to be gaining great popularity, especially among millennials. Piercing is just a perfect way to share your values, your thoughts, and your passion. Body piercing is so much in demand in Mumbai that countless tattoo artists and tattoo studios are now widely available in Mumbai. If you are looking for a body piercing, our Ace tattooz is the best piercing studio in mumbai with the highly trained professional tattoo artists.

Piercing: A Cultural History

Piercing history goes back at least as far as the oldest human mummy, and along the way, it has taken many odd but often beautiful turns. Even if you don’t have a single piercing on your body, chances are you know someone who does. It is a traditional technique of beauty and even a form of self-expression, but from where did it come? Who decided to start poking holes in their bodies first, and why did they do it? Of HolesLet ‘s start 5,300 years ago, with the oldest mummified individual to date identified, and see what he and his descendants can tell us. We are also one of the best semi permanent makeup training academy in mumbai

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