Bhavini Rathod is from Jamnagar, Gujarat she had shifted to mumbai for becoming a tattoo artist. She was passionate about art, paintigs and colours from her childhood. She didn’t do any course or degree to become an artist she is a self learned tattoo artist. She believed to work hard and be loyal towards work. And have patience for get success .she dreamed anything and she believed on her self and what is doing and she get what she dreamed .she believed in process and has faith on it . She believed being a tattoo artist every tattoo is equally important for her because people gonna remember her by that tattoo whatever she done it so everytime she try to do her best. She inspired by paintings so she is good at colour tattoos ,delicate tattoos,ornamental design and mandala kind of design she also good in calligraphy.(intricate design)now she is award winning artist . Many People ask for her and come to at ace tattooz studio and recommend her by review and mention her name to get inked, and she always choose a profession which is related to art. Now she is settled in mumbai by her self and became a one of the best independent tattoo artist in mumbai .

Bhavini Rathod