Least Painful Places To Get a Tattoo

One of the questions most frequently asked when deciding whether to get a tattoo is’ will it hurt?
‘The answer is simple and straightforward- yes. Really, there is no painless way to stick needles in your skin to leave a permanent mark.

How painful the tattoo is, however, depends on many factors including your specific reaction to pain and where you want to get tattooed on your body. When you are talking of having a tattoo and you have a poor tolerance to pain, it would be prudent to find one of the least painful places to have a tattoo on your body:

Areas of the body that have fewer nerve endings, more fat, and thicker skin will generally be less painful than patches that have thin skin and little fat to act as a cushion. Therefore the spot you choose for your tattoo is so important.

The below chart will give you an outline about the least painful places to get a tattoo:

Least Painful Places To Get a Tattoo
Least Painful Places To Get a Tattoo


Upper/Outer Thigh

One of the best places to get inked and the least painful places to get a tattoo is on your upper outer thigh if you’re afraid of tattoo pain. This is because this body segment has a healthy fat layer, with very few nerve endings. Having a tattoo at the upper outer thigh has extra advantages. For example, Hiding tattoos on your thighs is simple, so this is a perfect place for people who need to cover up their tattoos for work or other purposes. It’s also a fairly large part of the body, which is perfect if your tattoo design is of considerable size, and because of pain concerns, you don’t want to have to compromise on your work of art.



The outer/rear shoulder area is the most common area on the body for tattoos, particularly first tattoos. This is one of the least painful places to get tattooed because there are not many nerve endings here and the skin is thick, so the needle scratching doesn’t hurt too much.


With the first tattoo, the forearm is a perfect spot because it has a lot of muscle and thick skin, but not a lot of nerve endings, which means it is fairly pain-free. It is a perfect place for mid-size tattoos with intricate designs, on the grounds that when the tattoo artist has to fill in lots of tiny details, it won’t be as painful. Forearm tattoos can also be a perfect introduction to discussion with other like-minded people since they are easily noticeable much of the time (unless you are an Eskimo).


Upper/Lower Back

The upper and lower back as well as the elbows are popular places to get tattooed and also the least painful places to get a tattoo. The back is one of the main areas of the body, and people want to get permanently inked there because it gives them a generous canvas on which to work. The amount that you feel during your tattoo will vary depending on how close the tattoo artist gets to your spine and hips when it comes to pain. That is because there are more nerve endings in certain places under the skin, resulting in a higher degree of pain. Second, the pain that you feel can vary greatly depending on your shape and size. A curvier person, for example, is more likely to have more fat on the lower back than someone with a slimmer body. Therefore, you should expect to experience more discomfort if you are smaller because the needle will face less resistance as it passes through the skin and closer to the bone.



Calf tattoos are great for first-timers to get a tattoo, making them one of the most common places and the least painful places to get a tattoo. The calf region beneath the skin has smaller clumps of nerve endings and plenty of fat and muscle. That means having a tattoo on your calf is a piece of cake compared to, for example, being tattooed on your ankle. The calf is just another part of the body with a large smooth surface, so it’s a good place to add bigger tattoos or tattoos with lots of detail. Remember the fact that if the tattoo artist has to pause and start making the information right, or goes over the skin more than once, you won’t feel as much pain in here. Of course, with a calf tattoo, particularly in summer, you will be able to easily show your ink off to other people.

Outer Bicep

If you want tattoos that would be easy to reveal to people, the outer bicep is a highly noticeable area (if you don’t wear a long sleeve shirt, of course!) The advantage is there is a lot of muscle in this area, resulting in a much less painful experience and the least painful places to get a tattoo.

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