Ace Tattooz is excited to announce about our new and revamped Training course to provide professional tattoo training to help malse you become a qualified tattoo artist. With our artist’s experience of more than a decade in the tattooing industry, we have created some thought through modules, strategies and a specialized methodology for learning tattoo making. Currently, the course is provided at two branches of Ace Tattooz viz. Ghatkopar Cr Colaba.

What can you expect during the Course

Ace Tattooz assures teaching on a very personal basis and right from scratch like the foundation and a detailed syllabus for the student to become a professional tattoo artist and start and a boom in their career as Tattoo artist. This personal attention during the course will enable all the students to learn about their shortcomings and strengths and to transform their great tattoos into extraordinary tattoos by utilizing the experience of our professional artists. Through theoretical, practical Cr observatory sessions at our studio, you get a live presentation to the art of tattoo making, by communicating with customers and making designs, actual tattoos and explaining the details to customers too.

Good things take time…Great things take work

While we promise to provide you with the best training possible from our side we do expect something from you too. Learning the art of tattooing won’t occur in a month or two and require Patience and Practice. We at Ace Tattooz believe
that everyone has its own pace and journey in learning Art, it cannot be time bound so we have not set any fixed time for learning the art of tattooing, it can range anywhere from 3 months to 6 months and more if required.

Word of Caution!

Being in the industry we have seen a trend of students preferring a short-term course with unrealistic promises made by tattoo trainers. A lot of times individuals go for these less expensive crash courses to master the art of tattooing. Don’t forget you will get exactly what you pay for. All good things in life come with a price. There is no free lunch for anyone in this world

Our Promise to You

Turning into tattoo artists is a responsibility, as you get a chance to in something remarkable which stays for a lifetime. Regardless of how simple or hard the whole learning process seems to you, we will be there to hold your hand and guide you to perfection.

In the world of creativity such as tattooing, there is always something new to learn in this profession /industry and we’ll realise you stride by venture without any means missed.

Archana Nakhua Bhanushali – The Best Female Tattoo Artist in Mumbai India is a very well-known name in the tattoo industry, and has a Diploma in Commercial Arts. She started tattooing as a hobby and gradually took it up as a profession. She has bagged many awards nationally and internationally. She is best known for customizing designs and inking realistic, portrait tattoos. She believes every tattoo has a story to tell and she loves to narrate that story through inking those tattoos. She is one of the Best Female Tattoo Artist in Mumbai, India.