Before getting a Tattoo there are number of questions arises in your mind. Will the tattoo artist understand what I am looking for? Will it be painful? Will it look good on me? When we start thinking about getting a couple tattoo it only further complicates the decision.

Ace Tattooz understands the concern and wants to give you recommendations from our side for are the top couple tattoos:

Initial of couples

Every couple has their way of showing their love and affection some like it loud and some like it subtle but only a glance away from them. Getting your partner’s initials inked at the same place gives you a reminder of your bond of love in a subtle way. With a choice ‘You can hide it or show it’.

Good luck!

Crown Couple Tattoo with their names

You know your soul-mate rules your heart but showing it on your body shows the commitment and permanency you expect in the relationship. It is an emblem of undying love and faithfulness for each other. The tattoo symbolizes that you have your own little world within this world and ‘You are my King/Queen for life’.

Playful Tattoo which completes when together

Now, this is some way of showing your love for each other. This one is our favourite. Give a playful image to your love with innocence. Tattoos get complete when both the tattoos come together much like in real love.