Best Tattoos for Women

Tattoo is an art that has been around for a long time and has a lot of significance in varies religions and civilizations. The world of tattoo is an ever-changing with new and popular tattoo trends emerging almost every day. With all these trends we tend to get confused so as to which is the best, a simple answer for your confusion will be to just go ahead with a design that defines you, that helps you express yourself, because tattoo is not just an ink on your skin but an art that radiates the inner you.

So, we at Ace Tattooz have created a list of best tattoos for women that are evergreen and always in trend.

1) Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Our client from Germany loves the Indian culture and follows it too, she has a very special connection with India as her Mother is an Indian so she wanted some feminine design along with an Indian touch being the ‘lotus’. as we all know lotus has a very special place in Indian Mythology, so she wanted to have this memory for a lifetime.

2) Positive Black and Grey Tattoo

Symbolizing peace, purity, the universe and the one and only truth #om  done in a #kutchi style just the way Archana and her mom like it ✨ #roots of Archana’s art comes from her Mother.


A Flower tattoo tends to awaken the spiritual reality of life. It radiates beautifully on the wearer and symbolizes beauty from within, a sense of peaceful solitude and admiration for nature. This is truly an art to behold and makes it one of the best tattoos for women. Tattoo Done By Chetan Rathod.

4) Lotus Tattoo on Chest

Lotus tattoo brings the spiritual balance between love, hope, and uncertainties of life. Lotus signifying the divine beauty and purity which is needed in the heart of a person to see the real beauty of nature and life.

5) Mermaid with Anchor Black and Grey Tattoo

This piece was a special one for our client as she wanted something refreshing & powerful yet unique. 🧜🏻‍♀ are the mythical creatures influenced by the sirens of Greek mythology?

There have been so many depictions about this sea goddess in many books & plays. They say “She is a mermaid but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth where almost all would drown.

6) Ying Yang Leg Tattoo

Designed tattoo with Lotus, Ying Yang, Heal, and Karma symbol, a tattoo that gets deeper with each additional element. Lotus providing purity, perfection, and pacification; Ying Yang adding the balance between the different elements, Karma to serve as a reminder of what goes around comes back and the Heal symbol symbolizing healing of the soul is most important.

7) Indian Women Face Tattoo

Client From France who admires the beauty of Indian women and Indian culture.

I wanted to get Lifetime Memory from her trip to India..


Her soul is pure while she is surrounded by Evil. Ace Artist Aditya Panchu inked the Hamsa Hand with a lotus as a shield to protect her from the evil. Hamsa Hand tattoos have been a part of middle eastern and north African culture for a long time as it signifies purity, life and protection from evil eye.


Classy flower tattoo on the shoulder which is a symbol of femininity and a source of inspiration for their fragrance and beauty. The tattoo radiates liveliness and elegance making the entire design soothing to the eye. Tattoo Done By Chetan Rathod.


Mandala Lotus tattoo with OM and Maa is really what we call tattoo goals. Mandala lotus flower symbolizes the act of overcoming desires and a state of enlightenment. With a combination of OM and Maa, it makes the tattoo a powerful mixture of spirituality and beautiful dedication to the ever-loving mother. Tattoo Customised and Done by Parth Vasani


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