The Perils of COVID-19 On The Tattoo Industry

In conversation with Ms. Archana Nakhua Bhanushali, Founder, Ace Tattooz & Art Studio, Mumbai who gives us an insider view on the effect the pandemic has had on the tattoo industry.

We are the industry where human interaction and touch is essential to keep our business going – the salon, spas and tattoo industry has been hugely impacted by the pandemic. As an industry we have to act responsibly to make no error that might cause a human life. Reviving consumer confidence is going to be a huge challenge for the industry.

Better safe than sorry
Being well prepared to avoid contamination and at the same time, the smooth running of business is of the priority of everyone. The measures that need to be taken by the industry are:

  • We will have to follow guidelines from the governing bodies.
  • We will have to ask screening questions, limiting the number of people instead of the shops, maintaining social distance, using face masks, gloves and disinfectants like sanitizers.
  • Strict waste management protocols have to be maintained.
  • Markings for people to maintain social distancing inside the studio will have to be made.
  • E- payments to be encouraged.
  • Self-declaration forms to be filled and those not complying with the rules shall not be allowed.
  • Have a different set of clothes for in-house and travel for the staff.

Importance of hygiene
In the tattoo and salon industry, we have to work in very close proximity to our clients because our work is to craft something on their skin. Now with COVID-19 we will have to increase diligence to maintain the highest standards of health and hygiene.It’s a new way of working which will take some time to get accustomed to, but the sooner we accept the sooner we can move forward.

Measures at the studio
Additional measures that the artists and studio will be required to comply with are disinfecting the studio premises two to three times daily, wearing a mask, hand gloves, full face shield mask, and using sanitising agents at all times. For clients, an online consultation will be done 3 days before the service. To make sure that their health is at par and to collect their travel history. So we could save time at the time of actual tattooing. Service will be provided through pre-bookings and appointment basis only. Clients will be asked to come alone for the service and in case of any special circumstances, one person can accompany them. This will be done to avoid unnecessary gathering of people at the studio.

Upon a client’s arrival, a no-contact thermometer will be used to check their temperature for precautionary measures.  Also, the client will be asked to wear a mask at all times during the service. As we move ahead we will surely find new ways and methods to deal with the situation more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lastly, we all need to be open to change and follow the instructions released by our local government authorities. However we are hopeful that the shops will open soon and safety of ourselves and the clients will be our number one priority.

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo during Summer Season

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo during Summer Season

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo during Summer Season

It’s really important to take care of your tattoo during the summer season. With the weather being sunny
and the temperature being really in the summer it’s important to take proper care of your tattoo. Tattoos
are bond to fade over time, but sun exposure and lack of skin care during the summer season can
accelerate fading. You guys didn’t go through all the pain just for the tattoo to fade away. Just like your car
and bike needs maintenance and servicing the same thing applies to your tattoo you need to take proper
care of your tattoo, the do’s and don’ts and the proper maintenance that’s required these things should be
taken seriously more importantly during the summer season. Summers can be brutal on your tattoo but
there are various precautions that can be taken during the summer season. If you’ve got a freshly inked
tattoo then it’s recommended to really provide going out during summer.
Here are some of the ways that’ll help you can take care of your tattoo during the summer season

Keep it covered
This is one of the simplest and the easiest way. The best way to limit sun exposure is to wear clothes that
cover your tattoo. Least the exposure to the sun better it is for the tattoo. Even if you don’t have clothes to
cover the tattoo use some way or the other to cover the tattoo so that you can keep them out of the direct

Moisturize it
To keep your skin soft and supple you should regularly moisturize it. It’s recommended you moisturize it
regularly during the summer season.

H20 is also an option during the summers. As its really hot during summers it is really important to stay
hydrated during summers. Hydration with good moisturizing can really help your tattoo during summers and
prevent it from fading.

SPF sunscreen
To keep your skin safe from UV rays, it’s recommended that you apply sunscreen before you go out into the
sun. Apply SPF 30 or higher sunblock on your entire tattoo before you go out during the summer.

Healthy Food and Drinks
With hydration it is really important for you to eat healthy food that help you fight UV rays. There are certain
food that helps you accelerate tattoo healing. It’s advised that you eat water-heavy food but mainly fruits
and vegetables, fruits like watermelon and muskmelon are highly recommended.

Let it heal (new tattoo during summer)
You just got inked during the summer and you wanted to show it off, just because of it being the summer
the season you should wait for at least 10-20 days before you let it get in contact with direct sunlight.

Best Tattoos for Women

Best Tattoos for Women

Tattoo is an art that has been around for a long time and has a lot of significance in varies religions and civilizations. The world of tattoo is an ever-changing with new and popular tattoo trends emerging almost every day. With all these trends we tend to get confused so as to which is the best, a simple answer for your confusion will be to just go ahead with a design that defines you, that helps you express yourself, because tattoo is not just an ink on your skin but an art that radiates the inner you.

So, we at Ace Tattooz have created a list of best tattoos for women that are evergreen and always in trend.

1) Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Our client from Germany loves the Indian culture and follows it too, she has a very special connection with India as her Mother is an Indian so she wanted some feminine design along with an Indian touch being the ‘lotus’. as we all know lotus has a very special place in Indian Mythology, so she wanted to have this memory for a lifetime.

Best Tattoos for Women

2) Positive Black and Grey Tattoo

Symbolizing peace, purity, the universe and the one and only truth om  done in a kutchi style just the way Archana and her mom like it roots of Archana’s art comes from her Mother.

Best Tattoos for Women


A Flower tattoo tends to awaken the spiritual reality of life. It radiates beautifully on the wearer and symbolizes beauty from within, a sense of peaceful solitude and admiration for nature. This is truly an art to behold and makes it one of the best tattoos for women. Tattoo Done By Chetan Rathod.

Best Tattoos for Women

4) Lotus Tattoo on Chest

Lotus tattoo brings the spiritual balance between love, hope, and uncertainties of life. Lotus signifying the divine beauty and purity which is needed in the heart of a person to see the real beauty of nature and life.

Best Tattoos for Women

5) Mermaid with Anchor Black and Grey Tattoo

This piece was a special one for our client as she wanted something refreshing & powerful yet unique. 🧜🏻‍♀ are the mythical creatures influenced by the sirens of Greek mythology?

There have been so many depictions about this sea goddess in many books & plays. They say “She is a mermaid but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth where almost all would drown.

Best Tattoos for Women

6) Ying Yang Leg Tattoo

Designed tattoo with Lotus, Ying Yang, Heal, and Karma symbol, a tattoo that gets deeper with each additional element. Lotus providing purity, perfection, and pacification; Ying Yang adding the balance between the different elements, Karma to serve as a reminder of what goes around comes back and the Heal symbol symbolizing healing of the soul is most important.

Best Tattoos for Women

7) Indian Women Face Tattoo

Client From France who admires the beauty of Indian women and Indian culture.

I wanted to get Lifetime Memory from her trip to India..

Best Tattoos for Women


Her soul is pure while she is surrounded by Evil. Ace Artist Aditya Panchu inked the Hamsa Hand with a lotus as a shield to protect her from the evil. Hamsa Hand tattoos have been a part of middle eastern and north African culture for a long time as it signifies purity, life and protection from evil eye.

Best Tattoos for Women


Classy flower tattoo on the shoulder which is a symbol of femininity and a source of inspiration for their fragrance and beauty. This best tattoos for women radiates liveliness and elegance making the entire design soothing to the eye. Tattoo Done By Chetan Rathod.

Best Tattoos for Women


Mandala Lotus tattoo with OM and Maa is really what we call tattoo goals. Mandala lotus flower symbolizes the act of overcoming desires and a state of enlightenment. With a combination of OM and Maa, it makes the tattoo a powerful mixture of spirituality and beautiful dedication to the ever-loving mother. Tattoo Customised and Done by Parth Vasani

Best Tattoos for Women


Top 10 Things to Take Care of Tattoo on Holi

Top 10 Things to Take Care of Tattoo on Holi

Festivals don’t let us cease to keep going with zeal and passion. Now, it’s time for the vibrant festival awaiting to drench us with colors of bliss and pleasure.

Indeed, its festival of colors – Holi

Even though the zest before Holi, and happiness when finally Holi arrives is extreme, may get deflated after the joyous day if one remains careless regarding your forgotten tattoo even if it is  inked by Ace tattooz or some other artist. Whether your tattoo is old or freshly crafted it is of utmost importance to preserve it and keeping it intact But don’t worry Ace tattooz will make sure to help you keep the tattoo intact.

Initially the beautiful designs of ink that is etched onto your skin may be mesmerizing but eventually without proper care and precautions especially during such sensitive festivals and events it will get difficult to maintain them. So in order to avoid infections and fading,  ace tattooz  artists  will like to impart some knowledge and tips regarding tattoo care on Holi. Here are the top 10 things to take care of tattoo on holi:

  • For fresh tattoo just before Holi – Ace tattooz are sad to tell you to say goodbye to Holi
  1. Harmful and toxic colors damages the skin and may cause serious health issues. So if your tattoo is fresh and new it is a big no to celebrate the frolic festival of Holi as you may get prone to allergic reactions or infections.
  2. Also, it is compulsory to keep your tattoo dry to hamper infections. Obviously Holi means dunking, spraying and drowning in not so clear water so you may have to refrain yourself from playing with water and colors.
  • For the Old tat – Celebrate with precautions as suggested by Ace tattooz
  1. First foremost wrap a cling-film around your artwork to protect it. But some extra care won’t harm. So as Ace tattooz being the experienced in the field have listed below are some other necessary tips.
  2. Before rushing off to celebrate, make sure to slather some unscented and cruelty free moisturizer on your tattoo to retain the hydration and keeping it from getting dry and patchy.
  3. Prevent direct exposure to colors and sun rays by applying recommended cream and lotion by your certified artist or you can ask us-Ace tattooz to recommend some. Doing so will prevent colors from sticking.
  4. If possible neglect using chemically made toxic colors and make use of organic ones. This will guard you from serious skin infection which may cause tattoo losing its color and appearance of white spots on it.
  5. If your Holi is organized as a pool party theme it is important to use sunblock to prevent your tattoo from chlorine.
  6. It is always best to keep the tattooed part of your body covered if possible for minimal damage. Opt for full sleeved tops and full length bottom wear.
  7. Drink water, juices etc. all day and prohibit alcohol intake as dehydrated skin may get dry and sunburn easily.
  8. Lastly, pay your tattoo artist a visit or just pop in Ace tattooz studio and ask for suggestions to keep your tattoo fresh and new, as above tips and tricks usually work for all, but some people have specific skin issues as per their skin type. For further care, according to your skin type, it is recommended to consult your tattoo artist for appropriate guidance.

Now you are ready and stress free to enjoy Holi to the fullest. Do not hold yourself from celebrating colors and inculcate the above top 10 things to take care of tattoo on holi.

Holi greetings by Ace tattooz studio and team.


Rexal Tubes

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Some of the most searched products of API are:

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