A full proof guide to eyebrow thinning and how you can fix it explained by expert Raman Chohan


If you have ever over-tweezed your eyebrows then you may know how exhausting it is to grow your eyebrows out. The growing stage can be very unpleasant and requires a lot of patience. For some of us, it may be even more difficult to grow out eyebrows back as they have sparse or hairless patches. If your brows have thinned out dramatically then there is a medical problem. As an eyebrow expert, I will share some causes of thin brows but don’t worry there are ways to fix it.


Ageing is the most common cause of thinning brows. As we start to age, we experience hair loss on other parts of our body which includes our eyebrows. We start to produce thinner hair follicles as we begin to age. Hair loss from the ageing affects both men and women. Genetics plays a huge role in this as some of us may start experiencing hair loss in the early stages while others can go their whole life with a full head of hair and thick brows.

How to fix thinning eyebrows:

Thinning eyebrows can be fixed with some treatments or makeup products. These treatments can be easily found online, your local drugstore or even at home. I will be sharing all the different treatments that may help with the regrowth.